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New Zealand extends vaccination commitment to employees |  Abroad

New Zealand extends vaccination commitment to employees | Abroad

It was previously decided that people who work In health care or education Required for vaccination. Now the rule also applies to employees who are in close contact with customers. According to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the procedure is not very strict. “This means that employees and customers are treated equally, and it will play a huge role in limiting the spread of the virus in the most dangerous places, because it also reduces the chances of the virus reaching businesses,” Ardern said.

In addition, customers visiting some businesses will be required to provide proof of vaccination. “Some companies will ask for proof, others will not,” said Judith Collins, chairwoman of the opposition New Zealand National Party.

The tougher legislation comes on the heels of the announcement a few days ago that New Zealand would only lift the lockdown in some parts of the country Once 90% of the population is fully vaccinated. For example, Auckland, the country’s largest city, has been closed for more than two months since the outbreak of Variable Delta. So far, about 71 percent of the population has already received two bullets.

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