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Sting is releasing a new album, and favorite song is about Anto...

Sting is releasing a new album, and favorite song is about Anto…


Sting turned 70 in October, but the singer isn’t thinking about stopping just yet. With “The Bridge” today he presented his new album that he wrote during the lockdown period. His favorite recorded song is actually about Antwerp. After the release, VTM NIEUWS spoke with Sting in Paris.

caseSource: VTM News

The first song is called If Love. “It makes you feel like you’re floating. I’ve been in love a few times, but I’ve also given up in love. It’s a whole bunch of feelings about love on this record and I can write about that with some authority.”

His favorite song on the album is about Antwerp. “There’s just something about the city,” Sting said. “It is beautiful, and there is a rare kind of melancholy. A special atmosphere I wanted to feel.”

40 years together

The singer has been happy with his wife Trudy Styler for 40 years. The couple married in 1992 when they were together for 10 years. “There is no secret, we are lucky enough to love each other, but most importantly, we love each other too.”

The singer has sold a total of more than 100 million albums and recently announced that he wants to sell his catalog of songs for 250 million euros.

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