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Stop exporting data to US / WillMedia

The Privacy Controller in Ireland has warned Facebook Thai Meta that the decision to process user data outside the EU is imminent. Export of data under the Privacy Protection Transfer Agreement It was largely banned by the end of 2020

According to tech website TechCrunch, the total ban on these exports – despite ongoing legal battles – is expected within months, not years. Meta is in talks with the Irish Privacy Controller as the group’s European headquarters in Ireland. However, the results apply to the entire EU, so this is especially important for a company that is structured in data processing.

This also applies to other major American players such as Google and Twitter.

Meta’s spokesman Vs Tech Crunch Negotiations with the Irish regulatory DPC are still ongoing. According to him, the end of 2020 is not final.

According to Meta, the ban on data exports to the United States “will harm millions of people, charities and organizations in the EU” and will “adversely affect thousands of other companies providing services worldwide and depend on data transfer between the EU.” And the United States ”.

Meta stressed the importance of a new exchange agreement that US companies could make in August 2020. Fire insists by letter

There is no such new agreement because US privacy law does not provide equal protection for the European Union (GDPR).