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Russians must go to Poland for US visa: ‘Shame …

The United States no longer issues immigrant visas to Russia. Russians who want that visa have to go to Warsaw, Poland. According to the Americans, there is no other solution because the Russian authorities are making diplomatic action impossible.

“We will not register new arrangements for immigrant visas for Russians in Moscow,” a US State Department spokesman confirmed. From now on, you have to apply for a visa at the US Embassy in Warsaw.

The United States has added Russia to its list of countries that do not have US embassy representation or cannot issue visas to employees due to political or security conditions. Only ten countries are on the list, including Cuba, Iran, Venezuela and Syria.

According to US officials, the change comes as a result of the Russian government’s decision to suspend US workers or workers from third countries. The embassy had to push dozens of local staff into the street, it says. Ordinary work visas cannot be issued in May. Now only diplomatic or official visas remain.

The Russians do not like the way things are going. A foreign ministry spokesman in Moscow called it a “disgrace on the verge of suffering.”

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