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Stopping instant messaging in Sluice will be free

Shop & Go Parking Spaces for a quick mistake or something. You pay ten cents every four minutes in a parking lot like this. Maximum parking time is twenty minutes. According to the municipality, it is almost impossible for parking inspectors to enforce this. Also, those who oppose the fine are often right. You really need to install sensors, Alderman Marion Poissonier told a community council committee on Thursday. But it is more expensive than the income of about 12,000 euros per year.

Two new parking lots

So the parking machines at these shop & go car parks move to the beach, and short-term parking becomes free in these places. The lost income can be recovered by the municipality elsewhere along the coast. A new 65-car car park will be built in Boujentijk, in Croydon, near Watertown. Liverigenlon in Godsand-Bat will also have a car park with twenty seats. A visitor pays a maximum of four euros a day for a parking space. The new sites are expected to fetch ,000 16,000 a year; Four thousand more than the loss of municipal revenue in Sluice.

Obscure to the audience

The committee criticized the proposal for new parking fees. Lean Combois thought this had become very clear in Slois. According to him, there is no indication that parking at Shop & Go car parks will be free anytime soon, up to a maximum of twenty minutes. “Almost no one knows this. Who controls those twenty minutes?”

Alderman Poissonier noted that work was still underway on ‘Signage and Lines’. She admitted that it would be difficult to prove if a motorist was there for too long. “It’s happening now in terms of trust. There is a signaling function for shoppers to monitor whether parking is taking place throughout the day. An assessment will be followed.”

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