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New Namur flags for both countries, but the look is deceptive

Sometimes we have a little trouble deciding where we are, and New-Nammur residents clearly have trouble choosing. The village is as frantically excited about the Netherlands as it is about Belgium. At both the European Championship match with the Red Devils and the Dutch national team on the show, supporters had a busy evening. Although the fraternity in the faade does not permeate all the living rooms.

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It died at half past six on the streets of New-Nammur. The only thing that disturbs the peace is the shilton that the ice cream man tries to sell his ice cream. But he must have chosen a different time or day because the new Namur people did not show themselves outside. Because it’s so hot, they’re busy watching football.

At 6 p.m., the Red Devils begin their second game in Copenhagen, with the Dutch national team kicking off the final whistle an hour later. Two teams that are meticulously monitored and promoted in this village. Many houses are decorated with Belgian triangles and oranges. It seems friendly, fraternal and comfortable.

But after a little questioning of some on the street and supporters in the living rooms, the love for both teams is mainly only on the facade. Jolian is watching football with three friends at his parents’ house. The living room is a fair playground of colors. Orange is effortlessly combined with Belgian red, yellow and black.

They can participate until the final, but after that the trophy goes to the Netherlands. “

Orange supporter Ruben

But Jolian and her friends are orange from head to toe. This is about a statement. Because if his Belgian mother had been at home he would have worn the Belgian outfit beautifully. A short tour of the living room emphasizes that supporting Belgium goes no further than a friendly gesture.

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“I always go to the Netherlands anyway,” Goen explains. Even if the Netherlands leave the European Championship, the orange shirt will not be exchanged for red: “I will never choose Belgium”, he never insisted. Ruben also agrees, however, that he gave the southern neighbors a little more, but not much: “They can participate until the final, but then the trophy goes to the Netherlands.”