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Stowaway Review [Netflix] - Review on FilmTotaal

Stowaway Review [Netflix] – Review on FilmTotaal

Director: Joe Pina | Scenario: Joe Pina & Ryan Morrison | Tossing: Anna Kendrick (Zoe Levinson), Daniel Day Kim (David Kim), Shamir Anderson (Michael Adams), Tony Collett (Marina Barnett) | game time: 116 minutes | Year: 2021

All things considered, it’s strange that movies set in space quickly pair with the scene. Because while traveling outside the Earth’s atmosphere is nothing, space is by no means a place for a tumultuous adventure. This may change in the distant future, but for now, space travel is for overcrowded scientists who can only function properly with a great deal of intelligence and a high degree of resistance to stress. This does not in any way mean that space is free of danger, but when something goes wrong and death occurs, it is usually not in the form of loud explosions, but rather with an oxygen meter that is quietly receding.

However, it is not easy to translate something like this into an audiovisual medium when the audience focuses on tension and drama. To clarify: where Apollo 13 The famous “Houston, We Have a Problem” is the beginning of intense music, and with such intense acting, the life-threatening astronauts spoke in a very calm tone on the actual Apollo 13 mission as they attempted to solve their problems. Exactly the steel nerves needed to achieve such a position to a successful result, but for the film, everything should be smoother. But since space travel is undergoing a resurgence, it might be a good idea to work on a more realistic representation of it. stealthily It won’t be mentioned in the books as a classic, but it does take a good step towards a quieter kind of space scene.

This is mainly accomplished by maintaining a very limited perspective. For example, the movie begins with three astronauts photographed in space, but there are no opening scenes or text on the screen indicating the purpose for this to happen. No need for anything either; This information will come later. stealthily So it is an extension of director Joe Pena’s previous movie North Pole, Which has not gone into much history, but all focus has been on the basic situation here and now. Throughout the movie, we stay with the astronauts and Earth is only shown as part of their vision. But Penna goes a step further by only showing the astronaut side while wirelessly connecting to the home base. A simple yet very effective way to express how isolated these people are.

However, the three are not entirely alone, as it quickly turns out that a fourth passenger is on board. With an address like stealthily (“Stealth”) This was of course to be expected, although the situation is more innocent than you might think based on it. It turns out technician Michael ended up on the ship by accident and had no intention of spending two years of his life in space. But reversal isn’t possible, so the quad will have to make the most of it. Unfortunately, Michael’s presence appears to have caused a technical problem, resulting in hypoxia. Even with all possible emergency solutions, there wouldn’t be enough to keep four people alive. Thus, a simple math quickly becomes an ethical dilemma: Is it morally justifiable to kill one person to keep three others alive?

Dilemmas like these are usually completely hypothetical, but they are not in space, where everything begins and ends with icy math. We’ve also seen a great deal of that going by The MartianHowever, there has always been enduring optimism that dictates that any problem can be solved with a healthy dose of science. at stealthily It turns out that disaster averted is less easy. Thankfully, Penna maintains a calm tone at all times, without slipping into a flowery scene. Although the characters stared at a situation that meant certain death, they did not have to constantly crawl through the eye of a needle, as in Disaster From gravity. Ultimately, the tension mainly comes from a ticking click and dangerous space travel where the astronauts have to work the old fashioned way, using ropes and oxygen bottles.

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However, it is unfortunate that the so-called Undercover Traveler may only function as a direct object in the second half, while we got to know him as a full-fledged character before that. However, Pina seems to be betting on the idea that responsibility for human life rests with the person who is able to save it, regardless of personal feelings. at North Pole We saw something similar, with a main character who felt responsible for the life of someone with whom he had never exchanged a word. This fits partly with the central dilemma: Is the value of human life less if you don’t know the person in question or – which is even more difficult yet – you know but are not allowed to? stealthily It could easily be seen as a standalone movie, but perhaps offers a mixture with what is comparable in terms of subject matter North Pole A richer viewing experience.

stealthily She can be seen at Netflix.