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Streaming service Streamz again loses more than €7 million in 2023 – IT Pro – News

I have now tried Streamz 3 times (initially, once for a free month and now once with a discount for 6 months), but Streamz works very poorly…

Image quality is poor. Netflix is ​​also not as good as 4K Blu-ray, but now I always feel like I’m watching a DVD with subtitles built in. Turning off subtitles or changing color/size is not an option. Changing the audio track is not an option

I don’t know if the issue is with the Samsung TV app, but once in a couple of times, the TV app doesn’t remember where you stopped watching. Combine this with the inability to automatically skip the intro music and watching Six Feet Under becomes a disaster…wait 1 minute 44 to realize you’ve already seen the episode and then randomly skip to the next episode, fast-forwarding the intro only to find you’ve already seen the next. The customer service is worthless, as it is nothing more than rebooting the TV, deleting the app and reinstalling it.

Hopeless suggestions. I only have Streamz for HBO, but I still have to scroll through 3 rows of Flemish garbage before I find the last shows I watched.

As others have also pointed out, this can only have a chance to sleep if Streamz becomes the content hub for Flanders, but in the meantime all channels, following the American model, choose to prefer their own ad-filled platform (VTM). or Play) or incomplete in terms of content (VRT Max).

So I’ll just have to wait until HBO Max comes out in Flanders and then I won’t watch Belgian TV again until there’s another promotion in a couple of years and I give Streamz another chance.

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