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7 Spanish fashion brands that should urgently be on your radar

7 Spanish fashion brands that should urgently be on your radar

Spain is brimming with creative talent. Discover our favorite Spanish fashion brands that will give your summer wardrobe a new boost with their colourful, romantic and original designs.

1. Romualda

In Madrid, they are sisters Cristina and Mariana Aguirre, who died at the end of 2019 Romualda was established. A brand of hand-painted hats. Cristina, an illustrator, and Marianna, an object designer, choose to create unique pieces using natural dyes on eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and silk.

The hats, which are sometimes quite oversized and priced at up to €360, are made in workshops in Asturias, northern Spain. Each model is decorated with decorations designed by Christina, making each hat truly unique. In addition to their hats, Romualda also offers a ready-to-wear line with streamlined cuts, also decorated with Christina’s artwork. They’re soft and adorable, and definitely one of our favorite Spanish brands!

2. Need

the need, a Spanish word of Arabic origin, refers to precious objects and evokes the designers’ deep roots and traditions. Since 2019, Maria and Irene have been designing unique jewelry inspired by nature, folklore and natural materials. Their goal is to create durable pieces that you will keep with you for a lifetime.

The brand supports the local economy and encourages sustainable consumption and production, focusing on quality, not quantity. The jewelry is entirely designed and manufactured in Spain, where designers find their inspiration and share it with the world. Each piece is plated with 24-karat gold to ensure exceptional durability, like a precious charm.

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3. La Feste

La feste, founded by Blanca Miro and María de la Ordín, is a brand bathed in the Spanish sun. Based in Barcelona, ​​this dynamic duo creates timeless, vintage-inspired pieces perfect for women of all ages who love a touch of nostalgia.

La Veste is known for its adorable skirts and tops, colorful prints and high-quality fabrics, which give every outfit a fun but sophisticated touch. With a strong focus on sustainability and local production, each piece is carefully handcrafted by artisans in Spain. Our favorite? Vintage-inspired checkered jackets, perfect for creating an instantly chic and modern look.

4. Jimaguas

Jimaguas, founded in 2018 by twin sisters Claudia and Sayana Durrani, offers wearable, slightly edgy and sustainable fashion. Often created in collaboration with artists and artisans the designers admire, the collections aim to create moments of joy, with an emphasis on relaxed silhouettes, tailored prints, technical knits and craft-inspired details.

All pieces are designed in Barcelona, ​​Claudia and Saiana’s hometown, and most are proudly manufactured in Spain. Our favorite? Studded leather handbags, perfect for summer. Having already beaten fashion icons like Bella Hadid, Lily-Rose Depp and Kaia Gerber, Gimaguas continues to draw attention to knitting in all its forms.

5. Celia B

Founded in 2012 by Spanish designer Celia Bernardo, it celebrates Celia B. VsFreedom and the desire to live. Made with love in Spain, the brand’s pieces are playful and bold, perfect for women who want to conquer the world. An ardent supporter of colour, Celia creates voluminous clothing with unique patterns to stir up emotions and bring an explosion of happiness to your wardrobe!

Our favorite? All your crochet creations are perfect for turning into colorful candy this summer.

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6. Bohodot

Bohodot, founded in 2012 by mother and daughter Piqué and Chris, captures the essence of summer from a Pinterest picture with swimwear and pajamas that match the latest trends. Each piece is carefully designed, with an emphasis on quality and detail.

Characterized by its romantic and free spirit, the brand celebrates natural beauty through its mix-and-match philosophy, combining fabrics, colors and prints to create perfect summer pieces. Due to its Mediterranean roots, Bohodot prefers 100% local production and cooperates with Spanish workshops and suppliers.

7. Rory

Inspired by the calm rhythm of the Mediterranean, this artisanal and sustainable clothing brand features a minimalist aesthetic, using mainly noble materials such as cotton and linen. groups of Ruairi They are characterized by neutral colors and very romantic and feminine cuts.

In just four years, the brand has won the hearts of fashion lovers, with more than 218,000 followers on Instagram, including Kelly Rutherford of “Gossip Girl” fame. RÓURI has become a reference for those who continue to embrace the “coqué girl” trend, with bows and cute ruffles.

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