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Striking: The 60-year-old Vice President of Suriname introduces himself...

Striking: The 60-year-old Vice President of Suriname introduces himself…

Fantastic scene in CONCACAF last night. Suriname’s 60-year-old vice president Ronnie Brunswick put himself on the base at Inter Moengotapoe last night, with the captain’s armband. Brunswick owns the team, but has seen Inter lose 0-6 to Olympia of Honduras. There are six North American Champions League tickets to be won in the CONCACAF League.

Brunswijk’s photos went viral around the world and the surprise on social media was amazing. Brunswijk has been Vice President of Suriname since 2020 and has owned Inter Moengotapoe for many years. The politician wore the number 61 jersey at Franklin Acid Stadium and wore the captain’s armband around his arm.

Brunswijk has already played for Inter Moengotapoe in the past and then has also been active as a coach, chairman and now for some time as a club owner.


Sixty-year-old Brunswick couldn’t make the difference for his team. Olympia actually led 0-3 at halfway and didn’t have much of a problem with his opponent. Brunswijk returned even in the second half, but was substituted less than ten minutes later. From the side, he saw Olympia making three more. Brunswijk’s replacement, Rivaldo Dorson, received a straight red card six minutes from the end.

Next week is back in Honduras.

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