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Will AA Gent come out against Anderlecht?  "You shouldn't be shaking awake" |  Jupiler Pro League

Will AA Gent come out against Anderlecht? “You shouldn’t be shaking awake” | Jupiler Pro League

With 7 out of 21, KAA Gent missed starting the competition again. After the 6-1 match against Club Brugge, the train seemed to have left, but then Hein Vanhaezebrouck snatched zero for 6. Tomorrow he will play a match against Anderlecht he shouldn’t lose.

“Someday there will be a recovery”

7 points is the meager harvest of an AA Gent in competition at the moment. However, Hein Vanhaezebrouck believes his team performed better than would suggest 16th place in the standings. “I am a bit tired of the result, especially after the matches we played,” the coach said a day before the Anderlecht meeting.

“We had many opportunities to get more points. There is only one way: to keep working and try to do something extra: everyone individually, but also as employees. We have to get out of this: it’s clear.”

“But, I repeat: we will play our 16th game of the season next Sunday. Other players in our league are just over half that number. That is also a reason for our points total of course. There have been a lot of small medical procedures. Problems due to the succession of matches one by one.”

“We are also missing some important people in the same sector,” Vanheisbrück cites as the reason for his team’s lower start.

“Hjulsager and Odjidja retired at the same time. But that’s football too, we have to get through this moment. One day things will get better and we’ll get people back. I’m convinced we’ll get out of this valley.”

We will play our 16th game of the season next Sunday. Other players in our league are just over half that.

Heine Vanheisbruck

‘It’s getting more and more important now’

Isn’t it about quality? “We can do better in an offensive way,” Vanheysbroek says. “The quality is definitely there, but we don’t always show it. We have to be more efficient and finish better. If we did, we might have got five or six more points.”

“But OK, that’s a lesson. We were very effective against Club Brugge, but the matches after that are gone again. I hope my players will understand it again.”

Tomorrow AA Gent plays a make-up match in Anderlecht. A match with a knife in the throat? “Yes, but that is already the case in Kortrijk,” Vanheysbroek realizes. “We also had to win that match to secure the connection, but we didn’t do that after that.”

“It’s more important now. Anderlecht have got a lot of points in the last games. They may have had fewer moments, but they were fine or turned things around well. If we lose tomorrow, the gap becomes dangerous. You can’t just bridge nine points. “.

What about plate pressure? “It’s our goal and our responsibility to get that volatility out of the team. I don’t think Michelle Loage has to tell us that to realize that. We know very well what we have to work on. His job is he doesn’t have to shake us awake.”

Our goal and responsibility is to get this volatility out of the team. I don’t think Michelle Loage has to tell us that for him to realize that.

Heine Vanheisbruck

What is ‘controlled possession’?

Vanheysbroek is back on the VAR stage in Kortrijk. An AA Gent goal was disallowed for offside at the start of the attack. According to the judgment oath, there was no matter of “controlled possession” of KV Kortrijk.

“What is controlled possession?” Vanheisbroek asks. Giving a pass, kicking the ball outside seems to suffice. But obviously a player who takes it and then dives in to get the advantage is not.”

“It just annoys me that it goes against modern football. You have to let the opponent play to move to a new stage. Modern football is going to ‘rig’ and get the ball back very quickly. So if you do it right as a team if you do it you turn ten minutes To a single game stage, so to speak.”

“This goes against modern football. The people who introduced these rules don’t understand what modern football means.”

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