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Stunning Pictures: An eagle takes a whole fox |  abroad

Stunning Pictures: An eagle takes a whole fox | abroad

Nature photographer Jan Lars Nesje has seven or eight cameras in the Stryn Mountains in Norway’s Westland county. Every now and then he puts the bait in hopes of photographing an eagle. At the end of March, what he dreamed of happened. At first glance, the eagle does what seems impossible: dislocated with a full-fledged fox between its paws. Beautiful pictures are the result.

This time Nessie had put a dead fox as bait, hoping that the eagle would come and get it. “I have set up several cameras. Most of the vultures eat their stuffing and leave. The photographer said,“ But this one ate a little from his back leg and took the fox with him. ”The cameras also respond to every movement. When the photographer looked at the pictures, he couldn’t believe his eyes, he told Dagbladet.

Veteran Norwegian wildlife photographer says that although the golden eagle is smaller than the bald eagle, it can carry a heavier weight given its body is smaller in relation to its wings.

The fox, of course, is heavy – how heavy it really is is debatable – but the back wind was going to help the eagle. The photographer does not know to what extent the eagle managed to take the fox.

Studies have shown that eagles can take 4 kg of lambs and reindeer calves over steep and sloping terrain, but often have to release their prey after a few feet in the air.