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Substitute Artem Dovbek leads Ukraine to the quarter-finals in the 121st minute |  European Championship 2020

Substitute Artem Dovbek leads Ukraine to the quarter-finals in the 121st minute | European Championship 2020

Ukraine is the last to qualify for the quarter-finals of the European Football Championship. He needed extra time against Sweden, who fell tenfold in overtime after Danielson was shown red. In the end, Artem Duvbek was the fourth striker to score in the 121st minute. Noteworthy: Three of the top four players qualified for the quarter-finals.

Sweden – Ukraine in a nutshell:

  • key moment: The first extra time, Sweden ends up abruptly tenfold after a daring procedure by Danielson. Despite this, the Swedes still seemed to be able to save on penalties, until substitute Duvbek sent Ukraine back into deep euphoria at the second extension with a winning goal.
  • man of the match: Rarely does anyone see ravings with joy from Oleksandr Zinchenko. The Manchester City midfielder silenced critics in the first half with a superb goal and shook his soles assist at the end of the second extension.
  • Special: Ukraine is piling into the first. As the worst, he finished third in high heels over the trench for the first time in the knockout stage of the European Championships and is now in the quarter-finals. In it, Switzerland and the Czech Republic were joined by the other two best third-party teams from the group stage. Portugal is the only one of the top 4 players who has not reached the quarter-finals.

View summary:

Forsberg eliminated Zinchenko’s beautiful goal

Ukraine just reached the 1/8 finals, thus starting the match against Sweden as an underdog. However, after only 10 minutes, he almost took the lead. Jarmolenko found Yaremchuk and immediately forced Olsen to a smart tackle.

The possession was for Sweden, but that didn’t yield many tangible opportunities. Ukraine skillfully cut off the roads to Isak, only once was the Swedish striker dangerous when he narrowly missed.

In half an hour it was suddenly a feast with a wonderful attack by the Ukrainians. With a superb off-foot pass, Yarmolenko sent the ball to a detached Zinchenko and fired it in one go. Olsen was there for a while, but he couldn’t block 0-1. A frantic Zinchenko gave his critics close range with a finger in his mouth.

Sweden responded immediately with a surprisingly long free kick from Larsson, but Pozitzjan was on the right track. The Swedes hit the Ukrainian wall until they had some luck shortly before the break. Forsberg’s long shot deflected from Zeberni, leaving Puerto Rico without a chance. With his fourth goal in this European Championship, Forsberg put Sweden back on his side once again.

Video: Zinchenko completes a superb attack: 0-1!

Doylehout keeps Ukraine and Sweden in the lead

In the second half remained a great match in Glasgow. The first danger came from Ukraine, where a bullet from Sidorchuk hit outside the post. Sweden cannot be left behind. Forsberg got plenty of space in a pass from Isaacs, but his place ball got stranded at the post.

Ten minutes later the wooden goal was not, but goalkeeper Pozitzjan kept Sweden from going ahead. He saved well with a great shot from Kulusevsky. Jarmolenko continued to be the driving force behind the Ukrainian attacks. He also had an excellent chance, but decided too weak in Olsen’s hands.

Things were still crazy in Glasgow. Forsberg once again confirmed his strong European championship with a superb dribbling in the last 16. And crowning the event with his fifth goal at the European Championship also did not work, because after this position the streak is now a spoiler for the Swedish star.

Fear of the deadly goal against the goal infiltrated both teams. However, it was especially trembling for Ukraine when Ikdal fired Kolosevsky’s team again in the final, but Zabarny was able to block the Juventus player’s shot.

Video: red! Danielson dares a bit on the ball and hits Besden completely on the legساق

Red for Danielson, Duvbek is the Ukrainian champion

Extends, therefore, with a crucial moment after 10 minutes when Danielson entered into a duel. He hit the ball but went straight to Besden’s knee. After the VAR intervened, he was disqualified, while the unfortunate Besden was forced to leave.

Numerical superiority suddenly opened up prospects for Ukraine, where the invaders made the difference. On a pass from Malinovsky, Dovbyk suddenly came alone in front of Olsen, but he could not pass the ball past the goalkeeper and was also a little offside. Malinowski himself also created a danger with a shot that went far.

Penalty kicks seemed inevitable, but in the 121st minute Ukraine still hit hard kicks. Zinchenko hit the ball over Dubbek’s head and Olsen didn’t get a chance this time. The substitute led Ukraine to an unexpected quarter-final against England. Sweden was left orphaned.

Shevchenko: “Our plan worked perfectly”

Andrei Shevchenko was already a national hero in Ukraine, but now he will be more respected. Ukraine reached the quarter-finals of the European Championship for the first time. “Both teams played very well,” said the national coach.

“It was a fun match. Neither team wanted to lose, which is why we had such a dramatic result. With this achievement and this commitment our team deserves the love of the whole country. We knew how to play today from the start. We knew who could be an added value during The match. Our plan worked perfectly.”

Anderson: “It’s very difficult to be fired like that”

Very different feelings in the disappointment of Janne Andersson, who struggled to hold back his tears. “This is a bitter defeat,” the Sweden coach said. “In the second half we had four really great chances. It looked like we would score in the end.”

“It’s the worst thing I’ve been through in my football career. We were the better team and getting a red card like that is very bad. This exclusion was crucial. The players fought for it. Only to be eliminated in the last seconds, that’s terrible and very difficult.”

“We came close to something beautiful, but our European Championships were still successful. It has been since 2004 since Sweden again escaped from the group stage. We played a good tournament, even if now there was a bad taste.”

  1. Second, 125 minutes. End. What a trick in Glasgow! Ukraine beat Sweden with a late goal in extra time from the European Championship. He might wet his chest in the quarter-final against England. .
  2. Second overtime, minute 125 finished
  3. Second extra time, 124th minute. Spring in Sweden. Coach Anderson is still fighting a battle with Shevchenko on the sidelines. It will be even worse for the Ukrainian coach, he is on his way to participate in the European Championship. .
  4. Second overtime, 122nd minute. Dubbeck does not give Olsen a chance: 1-2!

    Dufbeck does not give Olsen a chance: 1-2!

  5. Yellow card for Artem Dovbek of Ukraine during the second extra time, minute 121
  6. The second extra time, the 121st minute. Duvbek leads Ukraine to the seventh heaven! No penalties in Hampden Park! In the final stage of the second extension, Ukraine is still hitting. Zinchenko puts the ball perfectly on Dovbek’s head and the substitute does not give Olsen a chance. .
  7. A goal in the second extra time, the 121st minute for Artem Duvbek of Ukraine. 1, 2.
  8. The second extra time, the 120th minute. Bezos lies in the penalty area after colliding with Hilander. There doesn’t seem to be much going on, especially in the absence of a penalty kick. Anyway, the alternative has put itself in the spotlight for a while. .
  9. Second overtime, 118th minute. Bezos is also allowed to participate in this match. Gent player relaxes Sidorchuk. .
  10. Second extension, 118th minute. Substitution in Ukraine, Roman Bezos in, Serhi Sidorchuk off
  11. Second overtime, 117th minute. Malinovsky tried again with a shot. Not easy, not harsh, but next to Olsen’s cage. .
  12. Second overtime, 117th minute. Malinovsky’s shot widens.

    Volleyball from Malinowski goes next to

  13. The second extra time, the 114th minute. A strong clash between Karavagiev and Berg inside the penalty area, but there is no doubt that Ukraine will take a penalty. Berg must recover from the blow. Sanctions are getting closer and closer. .
  14. Second extra time, 111th minute. Dubbeck did not go beyond Olsen! Malinowski can only bring Dubbeck to Olsen. It’s a bit offside, but Olsen makes a good intervention anyway. It was too hot for the Swedes. .
  15. Second extra time, 111th minute. It’s too hot for the Swedes for a moment.

    It’s been too hot for Swedes for a while

  16. Second overtime, minute 110. Hellander was released unharmed. He kicks next to the ball at the age of sixteen, but still manages to clear the ball in his fall. You will sink or swim to Sweden. .
  17. Second overtime, 108th minute. There are a few on the field who think, it is better not to let them take a penalty. Philip Goss.
  18. Second overtime, 107th minute. Start the second overtime. Yarmolenko must pass for the second extra period. It was replaced by Dovbyk. Can Ukraine still exploit their numerical superiority or will it be penalties to decide who will face England in the quarter-finals? .
  19. Second overtime, the match started in the 106th minute
  20. The first extra time, the 111th minute. The end of the first extra time. Sweden closes first scholarship with one less man. Danielson was right in the red for a very daring measure, with Besden being the victim. There were no chances, the match was more than football. .
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