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Hebben de Belgen zich laten rollen door de Italianen? KBVB hoopt nog op vrije verkoop voor Belgische fans

Did the Belgians allow themselves to influence the Italians? KBVB h…

Frustration among the Red Devils supporters clubs. Since 12 noon on Tuesday, fans across the country have been waiting for the free sale of the last remaining tickets for Belgium and Italy. However, after about 24 hours, this sale has not started yet. Belgian fans fear that our country has allowed the Italians to roll it and that the neutral boxes will soon turn blue. The federation has requested explanations from UEFA and is still hopeful that the free sale will take place.

In Schelle’s De Scheve Toren fan club, they see a grim view. Only ten of their members managed to get a ticket for one of the Belgian tournaments at the Allianz Arena. The club would like to take a bus to Munich and hope more fans can buy a ticket for one of the neutral divisions. The free sale will start on Tuesday at 12 noon. But after nearly twenty-four hours had passed, the sale had yet to begin.

“We updated the UEFA website for a whole day, but nothing happened,” says Tom Ploegaerts of SC De Scheve Toren. “I heard a similar story in other fan clubs. To Copenhagen we managed to put a double-decker bus full of fans, and now only ten of our members have managed to get a ticket. Time is running out, but we haven’t got an answer from UEFA.”

Even with 1895, the official umbrella organization for supporters of our national teams, they are groping in the dark. Tijs Cools of 1895 says: “Every country has been in touch with a UEFA ticket manager, but we haven’t had an answer yet. We don’t know why the free sales haven’t started yet, but we are doing everything we can to make it happen. Ask UEFA ( UEFA) to make it work.”

Why were the Italians able to order from UEFA?

Belgian fans fear that the free sale will no longer be possible because the Italians ran away with tickets.

“Right now, that’s just a guess,” says Tegus Coles. “The Italians have a different sales system than ours. The FIGC does not have a fan base and sells its tickets through UEFA channels. Italy only requires that the buyer have Italian citizenship or reside in Italy. This way they can sell 1,400 tickets for the Italian tournaments. That is nothing more. or less than the tickets we sell through the Belgian tournaments.”

Belgium distributes tickets for the Belgian tournaments through the 1895 fan union. “We sold 1,400 this way,” Coles says. “900 tickets for people who have already booked a ticket for a possible quarter-final in Munich before the tournament. And another 500 tickets for people on our official waiting list. These are the people who visit the Red Devils matches regularly and who have accumulated the most ‘points’.

So where did the error occur?

The European Football Association (UEFA) may have been surprised by the sudden increase in demand from Belgium. “In all the previous competitions, the Belgian divisions were not completely sold out,” says Coles. “There were always tickets left rather than very short. Perhaps that is why UEFA was not well prepared to organize the free sale and to keep Belgian and Italian fans separate. Hopefully the ticket sales will continue. I am trying to reach our UEFA contact person But to no avail at the moment.

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