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Subtle materials and distinct colors in the revamped Menu showroom

Subtle materials and distinct colors in the revamped Menu showroom

The Menu Space, the New York showroom of the Danish furniture brand, was due to be revamped last year. The Menu design team worked with American interior designer Hillary Robertson. The result combines Copenhagen and New York in one warm and welcoming place.

Menu is a Danish furniture brand that believes in modern, lasting design. Their products must stand the test of time, pushing the boundaries of modern design. To this end, the team behind the Menu regularly works with young talented designers, but the established values ​​from the design world have already been revised. Existing furniture now adorns many projects around the world.

The New York showroom is located in a historic loft building in the SoHo neighborhood and also houses an office space and a café under the name Menu Space. The goal was to build a community around the brand to design the menu to bring like-minded creatives closer to the brand and encourage them to share their stories and ideas. The space opened in 2017 and was designed by Copenhagen-based Norm Architects. The interior design is inspired by the rough and industrial environment and strong materials such as concrete and steel have been chosen, which can be found throughout the venue. It produced a very simple result.

The vibrant colors contrast with the warm surfaces of walnut, stone, glass and steel.

The furniture brand believes it’s important for Menu Space to keep moving and constantly evolving. That is why interior design is flexible and room design can easily be changed. Friends of the house and other creative people always help shape the décor, creating a vibrant and creative atmosphere that continues to inspire friends, visitors, clients and designers.

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Last year, the space was scheduled to change. This time, the showroom was designed by the Menu design team itself, in collaboration with American designer and interior designer Hillary Robertson. The concept had to bring together Copenhagen and New York in a warm and welcoming space. The space is filled with some of the menu classics, as well as their latest collections. Furniture and outdoor accessories enhance the palette of subtle materials. The vibrant colors contrast with the warm walnut wood wallpaper, stone, glass, and steel surfaces. Photography by Nicole Franzen