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‘Suicherby embraced by the general public’

‘Suicherby embraced by the general public’

DINTELOORD – Creative energy spreads in a conversation with Dinteloord-based artist Hans Hanssen, who submitted his work ‘De Suikerpee’ for Steinberg’s Jubilee Works competition for 750 years.

When Hans Hanson was asked a few years ago by the village council to come up with ideas for a work of art, he immediately realized that it had to be a sweet potato. Just like the idea that Garden Eagle should be made, a one-size-fits-all model quickly slipped out of his hands. He did it in close association with black Peter von Meal. “Leaning towards Stomperscott, where the sugar factory is located, I thought about the direction Pete was going in the roundabout. Then it’s important to play with the air through the ribs of the beetle, “says Hans,” and the dynamic events of the light, because the beetle is exposed to that beautiful foliage. Pete even blinks, “laughs Hanson,” if you stare, of course, and the sun shines through the ribs. “

Mோori inspiration

The artist, who grew up in New Zealand, finds his inspiration in the forms of nature. From an early age he was inspired by the Maoris, the native citizens of New Zealand. He still has a wooden statue, which he made when he was 13, a man with a centered head and generally feminine features. When Hans was returning to the Netherlands, he was invited by the New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Association, where only people of Maori descent were allowed to study Maori carvings. A great honor, but he returned to the Netherlands, at one point he met his wife Evelyn. Hans: “Nature inspires me, but also antiquity, crafts, prehistoric, Polynesian cultures, tribal music பல and many skating trees and natural stones. I like to work with a wide variety of materials from wood to stone and from steel to concrete, and I love organic design.

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Positive reactions

Hans says, “Creating something that is acceptable to the general public is not easy, but I think we’ve had a great success with Suikerpee. Despite the rusty appearance, the choice for the material, which can last up to a hundred years, was made very emotionally. Garden steel is a type of iron that corrodes, but over time a foil layer forms on it, which seals and protects the steel itself. Against the effects of the weather. “Hans Hanson also gave life to the fish Siva.


“As you enter the roundabout now, you feel like you’re back home in Dinteloord,” the artist smiles, “de Suikerpee will wish you eternity.”