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In the face of singer, guitarist and surrendered Johann van de Svalo, the project came to fruition as conceived: “Yes, 99.9 percent. It showed a preview to a few, and it was already well received.

Incredible hysteria

The band went for at least 10 mopeds, but eventually it became 52. This came as a surprise to Johann: “The reactions were so exciting that all of those Zantop drivers were so frantic. They enjoyed participating. I was amazed to see so many more driving in Zeeland.”

We miss shows because it sucks, and festivals are canceled. “

Johann van de Swallow – Surrender

Despite the problems associated with the times in which we live, the band performs better. Yet band members miss some things: “We miss shows because it sucks, and festivals are canceled.”

Easy to take

Meanwhile, the band is not idle: “It’s a setback, but at the time we were working on the songs. Nice and easy, because there is no pressure on the kettle. We now have seven new songs. We’re already working on the next clip. That’s the beginning of the series to be planned.”

Surrender expects its first performance in almost two years. The band will play at the Vocal Rock Festival on September 11 in Vocalward.

Surrender now has seven new songs and is already working on the next clip

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