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Exactly 16 years after Katrina: The United States is holding tight to the arrival …

Hurricane Ida is expected to make landfall in Louisiana Sunday evening. U.S. Meteorological Agency warns of hurricane force winds

The city of New Orleans and many places in the area are urging residents to prepare for severe weather and come to safety. Local hospitals send patients home and prepare to go to the locks. Local experts believe the hurricane could cause more than $ 20 billion in damage if it follows its predicted path. “Louisiana residents need to be prepared for the hurricane by Saturday night,” Governor John Bell Edwards said.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service warns that the state’s coastline is already experiencing winds of up to 120 kilometers per hour. On Sunday, the government said coastal areas of Louisiana and neighboring Mississippi were already experiencing “dangerous flooding associated with rising sea levels.” National Hurricane Center. “It could cause catastrophic damage from the wind.”

Current NHC forecasts predict that Typhoon Ida will become a Typhoon 4 before it makes landfall, with winds of up to 200 kilometers per hour. It was heavier than Katrina’s Type 3 when it reached New Orleans 16 years ago. The hurricane caused $ 120 billion in damage. President Joe Biden has authorized Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards to declare a state of emergency. This means the government can rely on the emergency assistance of the national government.

Not only the state of Louisiana is preparing for the storm. On Wednesday, the storm will reach the state of Tennessee, having already received heavy rain a week ago. The resulting floods killed 20 people. Now the state is likely to face heavy rains from Ida again.

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