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Switch Joy-Cons have been "consistently" improved since its launch, according to Nintendo

Switch Joy-Cons have been “consistently” improved since its launch, according to Nintendo

Nintendo doesn’t have a permanent Joy-Con drift fix yet, but the company revealed in a new interview that it’s been constantly improving the Joy-Cons since its launch and that the Switch OLED will come with the latest controllers and improvements.

The Nintendo Switch has always had a public battle with a phenomenon known as “Joy-Con Drift”. This occurs when the Switch’s detachable controllers cannot register the correct input from the analog stick.

The problem has been researched for a long time and there have been many rips, but the most well-known answer is simply that it is caused by signs of use. according to General Manager of Nintendo Ko Shiota and Deputy General Manager Toru Yamashita have made regular improvements to the materials since launch.

“While always striving to improve, we researched consumer-use Joy-Con consoles and continued to improve their wear resistance and durability,” Yamashita says.

Yamashita further states that Nintendo is constantly improving testing of Joy-Cons and when improvements are discovered, those changes are implemented directly in individually sold Joy-Cons and on the Nintendo Switch Lite. OLED Switch includes the latest version of Joy-Cons with all new improvements.

Nintendo understands that Joy-Cons are constantly subject to wear, tear, and signs of use. Shiota likens this to tires that “wear out as the car is moving, as it is in constant contact with the ground when cornering.”

In IGN’s review of the new Switch OLED, we were mainly pleased with the beautiful screen, while we couldn’t test the device long enough to dive into the Joy-Con drift.

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