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Tarantino claims that his next movie will be his last |  Movie

Tarantino claims that his next movie will be his last | Movie

MovieQuentin Tarantino, 58, considered making a remake of his first edition ‘Reservoir Dogs’. With this film he would like to end his career. The director of the “Oscar” claims that his next film will be his last, because he wants to stop at the peak of his career.

It may be hard for some Tarantino fans to hear, but the famous director said for a while that he considered a reboot of one of his films as his latest work. Tarantino was a guest on Friday’s “Real Time” talk show with host Bill Maher. There he told the writer and director that his tenth film would be his Swan song. A frustrated Maher told the famous director that he couldn’t believe this would actually be the case.

But Tarantino said he is at a point in his career where he feels it is time to retire. “American director Don Siegel ended his career in 1979 when he directed ‘Escape from Alcatraz,’ which was a great final movie,” Tarantino said. The HBO host said it was foolish for the “Pulp Fiction” director to base his career-breaking choice on other directors, citing Clint Eastwood’s award-winning work. Tarantino admitted that Eastwood was an exception to his rule.

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Tarantino also revealed that he had been thinking for a while about reshooting his first movie, 1992’s “Reservoir Dogs.” The director told Maher, “I’ve been thinking about a Reservoir Dogs remake to complete my film career.” “But after playing with that idea for a while, I decided not to do it.”

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