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Invisible in the Belgian festival world: Werchter Parklife runs entirely on green electricity |  showbiz

Invisible in the Belgian festival world: Werchter Parklife runs entirely on green electricity | showbiz

FestivalsWerchter Parklife, the light version of the Rock Werchter, runs entirely on green and locally generated energy. Energy platform Bolt, which is responsible for energy, announced this Thursday at the start of the concert series. “We consider it our duty to come up with a solution to make the festivals greener,” says Peterjan Verheijen, Boltt’s co-founder.

It’s the first time a festival of this size has fully supplied its energy supply in a sustainable way, but festivals have been making efforts to be more sustainable for years. However, a large portion of carbon dioxide emissions still come from diesel generators that generate electricity. “We wanted to do something about it,” says Bolt’s Peterjan Verhagen.

Boltt is an energy platform where local producers of all possible forms of green electricity can register and where they can sell their surpluses. Last year, the platform already prepared a beta installation with the Studio Brussel Camping Belgica radio show. “The test was successful. That’s why we want to go a step further this year. The size of Werchter Parklife lends itself perfectly to this.” They, in turn, take the knowledge they gain here with them to future projects. Just think of the biggest festivals next summer, like Rock Werchter or Pukkelpop.

72 solar panels

Parklife’s power is generated via a mobile solar park with 72 solar panels, which are placed in the meadow. Additional power enters the Werchter via three power generators connected to the Bolt platform. Surplus is stored in a “super battery”. This ensures that sufficient power is always available during peak times.

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Werchter Parklife kicks off Thursday with two concerts performed by the Belgian group Balthazar. Until the end of the month, different artists or groups will perform from Thursday to Sunday. A maximum of 2,500 visitors are allowed in the light version of the Rock Werchter each day.

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