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Tears for Mia's deceased friend and for the first time the "Block" button is used: "The Voice Kids" prepares |  showbiz

Tears for Mia’s deceased friend and for the first time the “Block” button is used: “The Voice Kids” prepares | showbiz

televisionDuring the first blind auditions last week, newcomer Duncan Lawrence showed off a lot of talent on “The Voice Kids.” Other coaches eagerly used the “Block” button in this second episode, where they can sideline each other.

“Last week was Duncan’s week, but now he’s good. He already has a lot of good candidates on his team. Now it’s up to the girls!” laughs Laura Tesoro, for example. The ladies have come up with a clear plan for that. “The strategy is: stop in time and let the other coaches sing less,” say K3’s Marthy, Julia and Hani.

In any case, coaches are doing everything possible to convince young talents of their choice. For example, Metejoor promises to show his best frontline role if Gloria chooses him (see below) and the four women openly conspire. When Laura is banned, she urges the young candidate to choose K3. “K3 isn’t really going to put you in a shiny dress, that’s a misconception. I’ve watched them here for three seasons and they do a great job. Come on, it doesn’t mean I’m biased,” Laura laughs.

Duncan Laurence didn’t let it get to his heart and chose to steal the show himself. In 2014, he participated in The Voice of Holland himself with Ed Sheeran’s Sing. The other coaches were very happy to hear that again. And so Duncan was eager to crawl back onto the stage.

Samuel enjoys surfing, skiing, chess, and music. He chose the song Falling for his great idol Harry Styles. All coaches are energetic and all turn for Samuel. “Block” is delivered only for the first time. The K3 family has blocked Duncan Laurence. And for good reason, it turns out, because Samuel immediately admits that he would have loved to be in the Dutch coach’s team. Laura Tesoro knows how to deal with that: “We both did ‘The Voice’, and we both participated in the Eurovision Song Contest. I’m begging for that, so I’m basically a perfect B-plan.” “I’m like a little Duncan!” Advice that Samuel follows, as he chooses Laura. Laura says, “Actually, I’m so grateful for K3. Because they actually blocked Duncan, so I just had to talk about Metejoor and K3. And that worked perfectly.”

An emotional moment in Mia’s audition. She performed the song “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper. Unfortunately, no one cares about her. This brings tears to the young singer. “I feel so bad,” it seems, giving her a hug and support from Duncan. Why does this affect her so much? “I had a best friend who passed away three years ago,” she admits. “I wanted to sing this to him.” This also causes a lot of emotions among the jury members. Laura and K3 must also shed a tear themselves. “Did you feel it in the room? That’s the most important thing,” Duncan assures her. “I think it’s so nice that you would do this for your best friend. I think everyone would love it.”

Young Gloria performing “Heather” by Conan Gray. “You have a very pure voice, I really enjoyed it,” says Metegor, who turns around like Laura. She is also excited: “I’m so glad I turned around. What a beautiful lady standing here in front of us! You already look like a real artist. I can already see from you that you have an individuality and you can hear it in your voice. Until the end I forgot why I was here, I was having fun Just by your performance,” Gloria said. Metegor is already worried: “What do I have to do to make you a member of my team? Should I make a pass or a flip? I’m going all the way to convince you.” Although this was not enough to convince Gloria: she chose Laura.

Want to re-watch all of the evening’s shows? You can find it in the playlist below.

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