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“Tedesco steps on his toes: the Red Devil is frustrated”

“Tedesco steps on his toes: the Red Devil is frustrated”

The defeat to Slovakia drew a lot of criticism from Domenico Tedesco, but internally the Red Devils’ ranks remained closed. Although it does not seem that everyone in the Belgian camp is satisfied with the national coach’s choices.

Despite the false start, the atmosphere is still good in Freiberg, as there is not a bad word to say about Tedesco. However, he noted that a number of his decisions were not only met with some incomprehension from the outside world The newspaper on me.

De Cuyper is disappointed

According to the newspaper, Maxime De Cuyper is disappointed because he started the European Championship on the bench. “Tedesco may now have lost it mentally,” Jürgen Gerrel suggests. “The boy must also have been hoping to start.” And rightly so, according to his colleagues.

“That’s right, I heard he was disappointed,” answers Club Brugge controller Peter-Jan Calquin. Due to the injury to Arthur Thiat, De Cuyper already looked confident at left-back, but with Yannick Carrasco, Tedesco pulled off the surprise.

Tedesco is inconsistent

Although he didn’t have a bad game according to Ludo Vandewalle, this could have serious consequences. He added, “This certainly means a decline in De Cuyper’s confidence. But Tedesco previously said that he trusts every player.”

It is precisely for this reason that the national coach chose a smaller squad. The fact that De Kuiper was ignored is therefore not fixed, according to the football boss. Given Thiate’s return, it seems unlikely that De Cuyper will play in this tournament.

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