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Live: Barcelona and Atletico keep each other in balance for now |  LaLiga Santander 2020/2021

Live: Barcelona and Atletico keep each other in balance for now | LaLiga Santander 2020/2021

  1. 35 ‘- yellow – Saul
  2. 32 ‘- ferf. Sergio Busquets’ Alex Moriba door
  3. 13 ‘- ferf. Thomas Lemar Bab Sayle

The Spanish title struggle is still between three teams, with Atlético de Madrid in first place. The capital’s leader will visit Camp Nou today to play a decisive match in the title fight. Who draws the longest straw? Follow her here!

  1. The first half, the 50th minute of the match ended
  2. First half, minute 49. Rest. The first half ended at Camp Nou. Most of the chances for visitors were better for Messi. Ter Stegen and Oblak always performed well: 0-0. .
  3. The first half, the 44th minute. Carrasco almost completes a smart figure. The red demon leaves Mengoiza immediately, but then gets hung up at sixteen. .
  4. The first half, the 43rd minute. In the end, Oblak pushed the ball into a corner kick. This cannot be seen with the naked eye. .
  5. The first half, the 40th minute. What Messi’s job! After a great solo performance, Messi misses the ball. Still the best first half chance for the little Argentine. .
  6. The first half, minute 40. Another five minutes until the first half. For Jan Oblak, it’s a quiet afternoon in the sun right now. The final piece of Atletico hardly got any work. .
  7. The first half, the 38th minute. The third time Ter Stegen. Carrasco is next to be photographed at sixteen. Once again, Ter Stegen does a very good job. In the rebound, Suárez falls into the penalty area after “contacting” the goalkeeper, with Ter Stegen laughing with her. & Nbsp; .
  8. The first half, minute 36. The answer from Barcelona comes from Messi. Two defenders shake and then fall to the ground by swing Saul: Yellow! .
  9. Sal from Atletico Madrid gets a yellow card during the first half, minute 35
  10. The first half, the 35th minute. Suárez cannot pass Ter Stegen either. Immediately after the Llorente chance, Ter Stegen has to pull all stops again with a shot from an acute angle from the Suarez. Once again the German is doing a very good job. .
  11. The first half, the 34th minute. Ter Stegen saves Barcelona. Ter Stegen must step in next. Carrasco, behind Mingesa. He finds Llorente in front of goal, but he does not get past Barcelona’s hat. .
  12. First half, minute 33.
  13. First half, minute 33. The speed has now completely disappeared from the game. When will we see another goalkeeper in action? .
  14. First half, minute 32. Diego Simeone strikes Busquets over his head as he leaves the field. De Jong now has to turn back, and whenever Moriba takes his place in the attack. .
  15. The first half, the 32nd minute. Substitution in Barcelona, ​​Alex Moriba in, and Sergio Busquets
  16. Busquets story end. The match is over for Busquets. He has a lot of troubles, Moriba will replace the veteran hand in midfield. . First half, minute 31.
  17. The first half, the 29th minute. A slight Griezmann shot. The first ball between Barcelona’s centers comes from Griezmann. Oblak has no problems with the former teammate’s very central shot. .
  18. face to face. Savic and Busquets hit each other with their heads. Matteo Lahues immediately stops the game for treatment. Busquets in particular took a moment’s notice. . First half, minute 27.
  19. The first half, the 26th minute. The double match between Messi and Griezmann was not yet clear. Of these two, he has to come to Barcelona. .
  20. The first half, the 24th minute. An amazing feat by the only Belgian between the lines. Carrasco plays Mingoiza through the legs, there will be no sequel. .
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