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Telenet and Fluvius team up for faster optical fiber deployment in Flanders – IT Pro – News

Telenet and network operator Fluvius have signed a non-binding letter of intent to create an infrastructure company together. The new collaboration aims to ensure that fiber-optic links are available in Flanders at a faster rate.

The two companies negotiated the partnership over the past year and are now doing it a favour They signed a non-binding cooperation agreement. In this partnership, a new company was created under the name NetCo, which will incorporate the existing Internet networks of the two companies.

Telenet and Fluvius are currently operating their own networks in parts of Flanders. Together they say they can serve all of Flanders and parts of Brussels. The intent is to invest heavily in both companies’ network to make fiber optics available. In other parts, NetCo continues to use coax to provide faster Internet connections.

Telenet and Fluvius want to take the next step in cooperation in the spring of 2022. Then there should be a binding agreement. The companies indicate that they will not communicate further about the cooperation until then.

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