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Terra juridisch team stapt op na LUNA debacle

Terra Legal Team Resigns After LUNA Debacle » Crypto Insiders

Terraform Labs’ legal team responsible for the Terra (LUNA) project resigned shortly after the project collapsed. Unknown sources reported it Bloc

Terra’s lawyers are throwing in the towel

Anonymous sources reported that shortly after the collapse of Tera, who accompanied him untie from terrausd (UST) stablecoin and LUNA cryptocurrency. The three team members stated on their LinkedIn profile that they stopped working at Terraform Labs in May.

The company now deals with its legal affairs with an outside agency. It is likely that this agency will have to work overtime in the coming period as investors lost a lot of money due to the disaster. A Terraform Labs spokesperson told The Block:

“Last week has been challenging for Terraform Labs and a few team members have resigned in the past few days. […] The vast majority of team members remain committed to carrying out the project mission. Terra is more than floor plan cabinets, they have an incredibly passionate community and a clear vision of how to rebuild. Our focus now is on implementing our plan to revive the Terra ecosystem.”

Will the recovery plan for the LUNA take off?

It is not known what the plan appointed by the spokesperson will look like. There are several proposals. The last of these represent To the hard fork to be implemented And convert your existing LUNA encoder to LUNA Classic (LUNC). LUNC owners will then receive a file edrop from the new LUNA device.

But it remains to be seen whether this plan will come to fruition. Yesterday’s poll showed that 90% of the community against the proposal. For some reason Thierry Bodet He expressed support for the plan.

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