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Tesla CEO Musk: ‘Get rid of all subsidies for electric cars’

Tesla CEO Musk: ‘Get rid of all subsidies for electric cars’

Elon Musk vs The Giant Rebuild better– investment plan By US President Joe Biden. For the Tesla boss, planned subsidies for both charging stations and the purchase of an electric car may be scrapped.

Biden’s plans anticipate a $7,500 tax refund on the purchase of an electric car, an additional $4,500 benefit if the car was made by workers affiliated with a US union, and an additional $500 if the car was made by American workers. battery made.

according to musk All these subsidies are not necessary. He said at an event The Wall Street Journal. Undoubtedly, the additional support of $4,500 tends to rival competitors such as General Motors and Ford, which is the union United Auto Workers (UAW) Excuse it, while Musk doesn’t want to find out at the Tesla factories.

“in the trash”

The Tesla chief also opposed government support for building charging stations along US roads. “Support for the shipping network is not necessary. I would just like to delete it. I literally say: stop all subsidies, but also for oil and gas.”

For Musk, everything is already allowed Rebuild betterThe support package worth about 1,750 billion US dollars will be cancelled. “Honestly, I was throwing the whole law in the trash. That’s my recommendation,” said the richest man in the world, referring to the “crazy” US budget deficit.

The law has already been approved by the House of Representatives, but not yet by the Senate. The general expectation is that senators will also give the green light.

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Reply Buttigieg

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, one of the founders of the electric vehicle incentive schemes, was also present at the event and was on the defensive at several points. “We think it is very important to fund electric vehicle charging stations,” he stated Former Presidential Candidate. He said accelerating the transition to electric cars is important to achieving Biden’s climate goals.

Buttigieg also advocated for additional subsidies to support unions. “Obviously we believe in the benefits of jobs with union representation. These are things that don’t happen by themselves.”