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Tesla wants to give US customers $625 for an update that extends charging time

A broken brake pedal is a safety issue. Usually a battery pack that breaks is annoying, but it’s not a safety issue. Often the car can still drive and stop safely. This varies with a faulty brake pedal.

The problem is simply too high degradation and too many packages to break. Since Tesla offers an 8-year warranty on the packaging with this model, it cost a lot more. That’s why this was a better solution, but it’s not really reported. Many riders note a sharp drop in charging speed. There are also apps, like Teslafi, that actively monitor charging speed and it quickly turned out that Tesla did so in the update.

So this isn’t a temporary fix, but Tesla has been – as is often the case – a bit too optimistic. It is a permanent adjustment. It’s also rumored – I haven’t seen any conclusive evidence – that charging speed also drops significantly if you use the supercharger often. Many owners of the Model S / X 75 complain that the charging speed has become much lower. They also happen to be the people who charge a lot. On the other hand, you don’t notice it as quickly as you don’t use it often.

The truth is that Tesla does not always treat its customers well. This is the case on several levels. See, for example, the problem of the wishbones (often broken within 100,000 km and therefore no guarantee), headlights that break excessively (with me one per year and for 1500 euros this is not a nice thing if the warranty is expired), .. There are still more issues, but Tesla does not offer thius beyond the warranty period. Although there is clearly a design flaw…

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