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Bitcoin (BTC) fans maken documentaire om FUD onderuit te halen na beruchte Elon Musk tweet

Bitcoin (BTC) Fans Make Documentary To Drop FUD After Elon Musk’s Infamous Tweet »Crypto Insiders

After Elon Musk’s tweet And Tesla’s decision not to do so Bitcoin (BTC) Accepting more, Bitcoin’s environmental impact is another Hot topic. So this group of Bitcoin fans decided to shoot a documentary filming a Fear, uncertainty and suspicion (FUD) should be debunked.

Investor Brad Mills wants to “definitively” summarize why “Bitcoin is moving to renewable energy faster than governments.” Mills will be making the mini documentary with Jimmy King, director of “Heist This Film,” a documentary on BitTorrent. Mills estimates the documentary will cost between $ 20,000 and $ 30,000. He himself puts 5,000 dollars:

The idea for this new venture, which we are now raising money for, came about because more and more attention is being paid to Bitcoin’s energy consumption. This clearly has reached its peak with Elon announcing that it will not accept BTC for its cars at the moment – but it’s also the kind of “ FUD ” that we’re seeing more and more frequently.

I think it is important to realize that Bitcoin uses energy. a lot of. This is part of the design. The question we should be asking is: Is it worth it? “

The king said. 65% of the 50 million Satoshi (SATS) has already been donated. That’s roughly $ 25,000 in bitcoin. You can donate via the following link:

Energy consumption Bitcoin mining It remains a controversial topic with a lot of misinformation and in general there are only vague estimates available on the amount of green electricity used. Mills has compiled a list of sources that may serve as the basis for the documentary:

Musk is increasingly losing its place in the crypto world. Especially recent Dogecoin tweet (DOGE) He receives a lot of criticism from the community. Blockstream Adam Back CEO calls it phishing: