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Tesla wants to replace windshield wipers with lasers |  Leader

Tesla wants to replace windshield wipers with lasers | Leader

The windshield wiper is one of the oldest and least developed parts of modern cars. In terms of form and function, they are basically the same models as the first cars. It could actually be done better. Windshield wipers are mechanical and tend to smear debris through the windshield rather than remove it effectively. In short, the technology deserves an upgrade and if it’s up to Tesla, wipers will be replaced by lasers one day.

Not only will it be useful for car windows. As cars use more technologies, such as cameras, sensors and solar panels, there is a growing demand for a way to keep these surfaces clean without having to go to the car wash. Solar panels in homes can also benefit from this technology.

The patent application is dated May 10, 2019 and describes a system by which “dirt detection circuits” can determine whether or not dirt has accumulated. Depending on how much dirt is detected and where it is located, the aircraft specifically targets the problem area. In addition, the laser pulses should burn dirt without penetrating the glass surface and causing damage to occupants or sensitive electronics. It is not known when Tesla intends to implement the system, but the Tesla Cybertruck with its smooth surfaces looks like a beautiful model to equip with the technology.

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