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Bitcoin (BTC) wet El Salvador verliep niet zonder problemen geeft president toe, Chivo wallet nu 95% gefixt

El Salvador’s Bitcoin (BTC) Law Wasn’t Without Problems, President Admits, Chivo Wallet Is Now 95% Fixed » Crypto Insiders

El Salvador held last weekControversial September 7. Bitcoin (BTC) in law. Bitcoin is now the official currency of the Central American country and legal tender. This means that retailers must adopt it.

A week later, President Najib Bukil admitted the introduction of the new law It didn’t go without problems. On September 14, the president said on Twitter that getting everything ready in three months may have been too challenging. He admits that his government has made mistakes that it is now working on, especially with regard to the so-called “Chivo” Pocket wallet.

Several Salvadorans complained last week that they were having problems with the new cryptocurrency wallet. Bukele says that 95% of all technical issues with Chivo have been resolved and that the wallet will be 100% working in the coming days.

It is currently no longer possible to sign up for Chivo Wallet nor download the app on newer phones. These options will not be re-enabled until all errors have been resolved. According to Bukele, that should be in a few days.

He adds that some profiles have been blocked due to a registry error. These users will be removed from the platform so they can register again soon. People who have had problems transferring the balance will get their money back “guaranteed”.

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Finally, the wallet reports that there are already more than half a million users. In addition, the President informs that 200 bitcoin geldautomaten, from Cajeros Chivo, at 50 Puntos Chivo, Soort kiosken-Everything is working “perfectly”.

Bukele also says that there are no fewer than 50 Chivo vending machines in major cities in the United States. Announced that the option to reload credit and debit cards will be enabled from tomorrow. According to the boss, you can then top up your Chivo wallet with any payment card, anywhere in the world, and without commission.