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Test-Achats: "Ryanair wants to compensate 33,000 passengers for canceled flights in 2018" |  Consumer

Test-Achats: “Ryanair wants to compensate 33,000 passengers for canceled flights in 2018” | Consumer

Irish airline Ryanair has emailed about 33,000 passengers in recent days with a proposal to make up for its canceled flight in 2018. This says consumer organization Test-Achats, which previously had an agreement with Ryanair.

Test-Achats began class action against the Irish airline in July 2019 because it refused to compensate injured passengers. It concerns about 33,000 passengers whose flights were canceled or delayed due to the Ryanair staff strike at Zaventem and Charleroi airports on July 25 and 26, August 10 and September 28, 2018.

The parties reached an out-of-court settlement of an amicable settlement. All passengers receive compensation in the form of a voucher from 250 to 400 euros, depending on the distance of their canceled or delayed flight. The voucher is valid for four years, but if it is not used after one year, it can be exchanged for cash.


“In recent days, approximately 33,000 passengers affected by cancellations and delays have received an email from Ryanair at [email protected], giving them the opportunity to apply for the voucher,” said Simon November, a spokesperson for the airline. To test Aankoop. “We invite them to follow the procedure suggested by Ryanair and approved by Test-Aankoop and to inform us of any issues that may arise.”

Those involved have three months to accept the offer of the receipt. Other “acceptable extra costs” (rebooking, taxi costs, hotel, …) that passengers had to incur also qualify for compensation, if they are directly related to the canceled or delayed flight.

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