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Texas synagogue hostage ends after 11 a.m., unsub is dead

Texas synagogue hostage ends after 11 a.m., unsub is dead

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In the US state of Texas, the hostage-taking in a synagogue in Colville, a town near Dallas, ended more than 11 hours later. The perpetrator died. Not all hostages were hurt. Among them is the rabbi.

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All the hostages held in the synagogue are free. This was announced by Governor Greg Abbott. The suspect in the hostage case was killed, police said, shortly after police special forces stormed the synagogue.

ABC News reported that there are four hostages, including Rabbi Charlie Citron Walker.

During negotiations with the police, the kidnapper said he was the “brother” of a Pakistani convicted of terrorism in Texas. He was going to demand her release. Otherwise, he threatened a massacre. But fortunately it didn’t get that far.

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A male hostage was released Saturday night. Abbott did not reveal the exact circumstances of the hostage situation. Not even about how the perpetrator died.

Local Police Chief Michael Miller said all the hostages were unharmed and the suspect died. “The team responsible for liberating the hostages stormed the synagogue,” Miller told a news conference.

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