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Teylingen and MEERGroen offer residents a space for eco-greening

Teylingen and MEERGroen offer residents a space for eco-greening

Tillingenfrom Municipality of Tillingen It has entered into a partnership with the MeerGroen Foundation. The goal is for the foundation, along with the Teylingers, to manage more green spaces in an environmental way. To publicize this collaboration, Teylingen makes land available for the cultivation of wild bulbs and participates in the Meer Bomen Nu campaign.

Wild Lanterns at De Horsten

In De Horsten, next to the Teylingen ruins, the municipality provides land for wildflowers. MEERGroen will place 40,000 natural bulbs in the lawns and there is also room for 10,000 bulbs in the forestry stock.

More trees now in Teylingen

MEERGroen also works with Urgenda and Caring growers in Meer Bomen Nu. Their goal is to abandon a million trees. More Trees Now collects surplus shrubs and small trees in nature and other areas, and then disposes them. In this way young trees and shrubs are preserved, they capture carbon dioxide and biodiversity increases.

Teylingen takes part in this procedure by outlining harvest sites with trees and young shrubs and building a tree axis at the old landfill at Menneweg. This is where young trees are temporarily placed until they are abandoned. When more is known about the tree harvest day in January, the municipality of Teylingen will report it via the local media.

Do you also want to participate?

Would you also like to contribute to the improvement of biodiversity in Teylingen? You can help plant bulbs at Horsten on Tuesday, December 14th between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM. Tell us in advance that you are coming via: [email protected]

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work group

We are looking for volunteers to harvest young trees in January and future long-term MEEGroen projects. Interested in participating in the “MEERGroen in Teylingen” working group? Then you can tell us via the above email address.


The Foundation has initiated initiatives across the Netherlands to strengthen environmental management. With around 1,000 volunteers, the foundation now takes care of 40 projects on 160 hectares of land.