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QuTech launches Quantum Network Explorer for public quantum network experiments – IT Pro – News

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A quantum system has the state in itself with description and momentum, (special case, special vector) The classical system has to build that same state using an algorithm and although the measured result, for example, a 127 qbit system, is simulated and occupies the same 127 bits, State and momentum are the gain on the part of the quantum system because the description (quantum circuit) vector (values ​​in the quantum circuit) already “exists” and when measured is immediately available. It is a state in which the quantum system “exists”. A classic machine should do construction, construction, arithmetic, etc., etc.

The mathematical space that a quantum system has (in entanglement and superposition) is called the Hilbert space and it is very, very large. It is not easy to simulate a Hilbert space with a classical machine precisely because it is so large. Hilbert space actually has a lot of possibilities on a relatively small system. The data horizon of a quantum system is a factor of the number of qubits. (n! on your calculator) That’s why things get out of hand so quickly, also in terms of computing capacity.

A quantum system that cannot or may not be in an entangled superposition can be compared with an ordinary computer and is called a solid quantum system. the counter. The annealing system cannot access the Hilbert space but can, for example, model the paths well. Whether it’s logistics or PCB design, or anything in between.

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The reason cryptography of all shapes and sizes is under attack is that a quantum system can perform two factors on your public key, or on your encrypted/encrypted handshake. As a result, collisions and (various) private keys ultimately lie within the data horizon of a quantum system. The system sees patterns as “lying,” as it were.

My activity is to set up a system that visually visualizes the result(s) of the quantum system and simulated systems, so that the patterns and differences can be literally manipulated more clearly and easily.

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