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Timo's take Tezos explodeert na Ubisoft nieuws, maar niet iedereen is blij

Tezos explodes after Ubisoft news, but not everyone is happy »Crypto Insiders

Very good news came out this week for cryptocurrency adoption, in particular Irreplaceable icons (NFT’s). Famous game developer Ubisoft will go for Tezos (XTZ) in-game objects Make it a part of his games! However, not everyone is happy with this news. In this week’s Timo Snap, I take a look at the big challenges game developers are facing as they increasingly embrace coding.

Tezos in mainstream games

Let’s look at the news from a positive perspective first. Ubisoft’s new Quartz platform allows players to own in-game items associated with NFTs. The advantage of this is that the digital item is really unique and can also be traded outside the game.

This is particularly interesting in light of the looming metaverse. Players can own unique and rare items and actually earn money with them. All those hours spent in a game training your character and collecting unique items can also pay off in the real world.

As far as I’m concerned, gaming and cryptocurrency are a particularly interesting combination. It can give gaming a new dimension that motivates players more to keep playing. However, we are now seeing a lot of criticism from the gaming community on Ubisoft’s move.

NFTs way to milk games?

In the gaming world, we already know unique items that you can buy from famous people loot boxes can get. In-game money (not based on crypto) is also an interesting revenue model for developers. For example, look at Rockstar with GTA 5, which has been around since 2013. Rockstar made over $900 million from this game last year! With GTA 6 gone, Rockstar is increasingly accused of milking GTA 5 without making an effort to come up with something new.

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The criticism of Ubisoft is based on the same idea: the launch of Tezos NFTs is according to many a way to exploit Ghost Recon games further. Ubisoft will make minimal effort to truly improve the game itself. The video ad was met with much criticism. The video is a must allegedly a like hate 96% rate.

Although it is a very good move to adopt blockchainGame developers will have to find a balance between milking and innovation. Of course, game developers also have to earn money, but in a tasty way.