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Thank you 'Stranger Things': Kate Bush hits over 1 million hits with 1985 hit |  Music

Thank you ‘Stranger Things’: Kate Bush hits over 1 million hits with 1985 hit | Music

MusicIt seems as if we are teleporting back to the ’80s, for example, “Running Up That Hill” from 1985 is heard on our radios every day. And there is the famous Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’, which takes place in 80sTo deal with everything. Singer Kate Bush (63) can only be grateful to her, because the revival of the song brought her 1 million pounds (1.16 million euros).

37 years after Kate Bush released a hit song, she did it again with the same song. When “Running Up That Hill” comes on Stranger Things, everyone starts pouring in en masse. The song even hit the charts again. Music insiders tell The Sun that the singer earns around £250,000 (€291,000) each week. And then we just talk about the streams on Spotify. Another source said, “Kate could benefit from up to seven characters from the song’s revival.” The singer is lucky, because almost all the money goes directly to her. Bosch owns all copyrights and licenses.

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The scene in “Stranger Things” where “Running Up That Hill” is played. © Netflix

Interesting fact: in 1985 the song reached number three on the charts. He’s currently been #1 for two weeks and he’s breaking all kinds of records. Kate now has the longest gap between her number one hits. The last time was in 1978, when Wuthering Heights topped the charts. Thanks to ‘Stranger Things’, Bush is now also Britain’s oldest number one woman. She trailed Cher, who took No. 1 in 1998 with the song Believe. She was 53 years old at the time.

Kate Bush herself is of course very happy with the news. “I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It’s hard to fathom how quickly it happened. But I’m glad young people are discovering the song for the first time,” said Billboard.

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