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That’s when “Thuis” returns on VRT 1 after the summer

That’s when “Thuis” returns on VRT 1 after the summer

Season 29 of at home It was completed. The season finale ended Thursday night with several cliffhangers. Thus, VRT 1 viewers enter the summer vacation with more questions than answers. However, they will have to wait more than two and a half months to find out how the various events end.

Because the European Football Championship starts tonight, the twenty-ninth season of at home A little earlier than we are used to. However, this prevented the game’s makers from giving us a very long and very amazing season finale.

Many questions

While many fans were ready Thursday night to see how many exciting storylines would play out, they were left with many questions afterward.

There is Louie (Mathias Vergels) who has not yet decided between Silke (Ivana Noa) and Viv (Lynn van den Broek). There are still many questions about the early relationship between Christine (Daphne Bilink) and Peter (Gert Hoenaerts). Britt (Appolonia Sterks) seems to be in danger with her tree leaves Abel (Bass van Wert).

Of course, there’s also the trial of Marianne (Leah Tess). We still don’t know the pronunciation of that. There was also gunfire after that. Who is the perpetrator and who is the victim? And finally, there’s a strange phone call from Leo to mom Tamara (Tyne Brehm).

Season thirtieth

All of these questions will be answered in the upcoming anniversary season. at home He will be in his 30th season after the summer. It is not yet known whether we can expect anything special for this. Well late HLN We know that the new season will start again on Monday, September 2, 2024.