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That's why you don't just have to kill a wasp

That’s why you don’t just have to kill a wasp

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It is not fully known that wasps are not very popular. On the contrary, they can sting ferociously. But there are also a number of reasons why this creature deserves more recognition.

New international research shows that these insects are extremely beneficial. For this, the researchers analyzed no less than 33,000 species of wasps around the world. And they discovered a number of features that make the insect indispensable.

What makes the wasp useful?

  • Pollination: The insect pollinates at least 960 plant species. 164 of them are completely dependent on the insect. A lizard tries to attract male wasps with the appearance of a flower. The back of the lizard is somewhat similar to the back of a female wasp.
  • Predators: Wasps eat insects and other pests. Especially wasps and yellow jackets eat a lot of insects. For example, this insect is a good protectant of crops.
  • Antibiotics: The venom of some wasps contains a substance that paralyzes prey, but it also contains antibiotics. The antibacterial and antibacterial function of this poison is recognized in traditional medicine.
  • You can eat it: In many countries, the hornet is also considered a snack. This concerns larvae harvested specifically for this purpose in countries such as Japan, India and Venezuela.

Just as useful as a bee

Researcher Syrian Sumner of University College London explains that with this research they wanted to place wasps on the map as basic insects. “When I tell strangers that I study these animals, they usually wonder what the purpose of these creatures is. They ask me if I can’t study bees better.”

According to Sumner, the illusion that only bees are beneficial is wrong. “Wasps can be as valuable as other beloved insects such as bees. We are looking forward to a future that recognizes the critical role of this animal in multiple aspects of human health and well-being.”