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The mayor of Brussels defends his move against La Boom

The mayor of Brussels defends his move against La Boom

Brussels Mayor Philippe Close (PS) confirms that closing Bois de la Cambre to the public during La Boum 2 – as Mr MR suggested – was impossible. We knew there would be problems. “ There was a need for strong action, ” says Close.

Covering the site, along a length of three miles, would have required thousands of officers. Close announced this on RTL-TVi on Sunday. Moreover, all Brussels residents who wish to visit the area would be held hostage, Claus says. We will not cut off any part of the territories. “

Minister Verlinden has no understanding of rioters

The mayor ordered the police to act when the agents were attacked, public space was destroyed and fighting broke out between the participants of the illegal party. Under the circumstances, Close said the mayor’s job is to restore order. We knew there would be problems. He added that strong measures are needed. According to Close, La Boum 2 has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of expression, but rather with “freedom of provocation.”

• 132 rioters were arrested in La Pomme, and 5 are still in prison

MR chief George Louis Bouches believed that a police barrage could have prevented new accidents. “It is not a good idea to accuse the youth (or to charge them),” Bouchez says. “I feel sometimes people have sought confrontation in order to show their power.”

Home Secretary Annelis Verlinden (CD&V) thanked everyone who responded on Twitter to the call not to go to Bois de la Cambre. “Thanks also to the police for being prepared and ensuring the safety of so many people,” she writes.

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Furuette boss Conner Russo reacted indignantly, too. “This is crazy behavior that I can’t understand at all,” he said on VTM Nieuws. It is believed that the participants shed a bad light on a large group of youth who follow the rules. “Sometimes I wonder where these fathers are,” says Russo.