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The 2027 World Cup will earn millions more than the European Championship

The 2027 World Cup will earn millions more than the European Championship

The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany want to host the “best soccer World Cup for women” in 2027. The KNVB expected revenue from global tournaments in Australia and New Zealand to be roughly a fifth higher than last summer’s. For the Dutch economy, consulting firm PwC calculated that the arrival of the competition would mean an increase of 194 million euros.

This will be the number of previous football tournaments organized by the Netherlands. Due to the very limited number of matches, the 2017 Women’s European Championship raised around 23 million euros. The 2021 European Men’s Championship raised around 40 million euros when four matches were held in Amsterdam.

In its forecast, PwC only looked at expected spending by audiences, media and participating countries. Institutional expenses are still to be deducted from this. Among the host cities, Amsterdam is expected to benefit the most from the tournament with €78 million, followed by Rotterdam (€41 million) at a considerable distance. Heerenveen earned only 16 million during the World Cup. Other proposed host cities are Eindhoven and Enschede.

“It’s always fun in women’s football. A competition like this brings orange fever without the nasty side effects,” outgoing sports minister Connie Helder explained of her excitement at the zeitgeist. “As a government, we will do whatever we can to help. And I hope my successor will do the same. It won’t be a piece of cake, but we will win the race.”

Source: ANP