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Nintendo WiiU en 3DS

The 3DS and WiiU's online functionality is officially a thing of the past

On the one hand we knew it would happen, but on the other hand we weren't ready for it yet. It is no longer officially possible to connect to the Internet with the 3DS and WiiU. It was already announced in January that services would stop on April 8. It ended a little later, but it's officially over now…

Online play service for “Nintendo 3DS Software and Wii U Software” has ended today, April 9 (Tuesday) at 9:00 AM.

Thank you very much for your continued work.

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Some players are trying to keep Splatoon online if possible, but even there it's now just a matter of time. Our colleagues from Nintendo Live I found some players who shared their farewells with these systems on social media. Here is a small selection:

As Nintendo looks to the future with a potential successor to the Switch, we're thinking back to our era on the WiiU and 3DS. Thanks for the memories!

What is your favorite memory from these systems? We'd love to read it in the comments.

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