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“The iPhone 16 model will not have a larger battery, but a smaller one.”

“The iPhone 16 model will not have a larger battery, but a smaller one.”

New details about the iPhone 16 are leaking all the time, and most of that news is basically good news, like the changed design and improved parts. But in one area, the iPhone 16 Plus will be a step back from the iPhone 15 Plus.

A lot has already been leaked about the new iPhone 16 devices that will be launched this fall, for example about new displays and cameras. On the Chinese Weibo platform, the leaker named “OvO Baby Sauce OvO” has now posted the different battery sizes for all four models of the iPhone 16. According to this source, the iPhone 16s will have the following battery capacities:

iPhone 16: 3,561 mAh
iPhone 16 Plus: 4,006 mAh
iPhone 16 Pro: 3,355 mAh
iPhone 16 Pro Max: 4,676 mAh

For comparison

You might not notice it at first glance unless you're well informed, but the bottom line is that the battery in each new model has improved by 2 to 6 percent over its predecessor. Except for the iPhone 16 Plus, which has a massive 8.6 percent reduction compared to the iPhone 15 Plus. There is a significant difference, but the possible reason for this is unknown.

I am waiting

As with all leaks, it's not certain until Apple actually announces the iPhone 16. So it could still all change, but if Apple is indeed planning to launch an iPhone 16 Plus with this battery life, it could be a reason for some… Potential buyers to think again. Due to hardware improvements, the iPhone 16 Plus' battery life should practically not be shorter, even with a smaller battery capacity.

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