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The American was sentenced to five years in prison for assaulting Capitol

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In the United States, a federal judge has sentenced a former supporter of former President Donald Trump to five years in prison for assaulting police officers during an attack on the Capitol on January 6. This is the largest sentence ever handed down in connection with a march on a Congress seat.

Proof: Belgian

During the violent protests, a 54-year-old man dressed in the colors of the American flag and wearing a hat with the slogan “Florida for Trump” attacked police with a variety of objects, including boards and fire extinguishers. He tried to enter the Capitol, but was repulsed by guards using pepper spray. Meanwhile, he continued to barrage officers until he was hit by a rubber bullet.

Handwritten letter

Fifty-year-old he had apologized for the facts in a handwritten letter. He said he was misled by Trump, who described him as a “tyrant.” “I realized we were being lied to.” However, the prosecutor pointed out that the man supported his actions when he pleaded guilty in October. Federal Judge Tanya Sutkan therefore gave little value to the letter.

More than 700 people have been prosecuted for their involvement in the Capitol storm since Trump’s election defeat.

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