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The big innovations in Windows 11 are here

The big innovations in Windows 11 are here

October 5, presentation of the new operating system from Microsoft. The onset occurs in several stages. While you wait to get used to it – at least if your PC is lucky enough to be compatible – here are the main new features introduced Windows 11.

Aesthetic changes, new features, and better integration for cloud gaming are in Windows 11, but not only that. Microsoft’s new operating system offers a whole host of new features.

New design and focused menu

The first thing that clearly changes the aesthetic change in Windows 11 is that if the development between Windows 10 and Windows 8 isn’t revolutionary, the change is still in the air.

Microsoft’s new operating system already retains the basics of Windows 10, but introduces a new design called Sun Valley. The latter recycles all windows in the operating system, with greater accuracy and transparency. New popups will appear as well.

We also note that the icons have been completely redesigned (floating design). It is very consistent and very modern. Microsoft is also doing a little facelift to simplify all the apps.

As for the Start menu, it’s now in the middle of the sidebar and in backend apps, and appears to float when you open it.

jager widgets

Exit the interactive boxes and put the tools in the Start menu. In Windows 11, you can add an interactive preview of an app. This allows users to add a weather, news, or calendar widget and access it directly from the Start menu.

A little Android on Windows

One of the main innovations of this new operating system is undoubtedly the ability to run Android applications on your computer. The Microsoft Store, which has been reviewed and fixed, displays a page dedicated to Android mobile apps that can be downloaded and installed on Windows 11 like almost any software. There is a potential innovation for the Amazon App Store, the Android app store operated by Amazon.

Microsoft’s operating system follows the Android environment, so the apps are based on Windows 11.

Unfortunately, this new feature is not available in early Windows 11. We will have to wait until early 2022 to take advantage of this.

Increase productivity

With its new operating system, Microsoft is focusing on productivity with “snap teams”. It allows you to store your windows very easily with pre-made models. This way, the apps are automatically displayed side by side without the user having to worry or adjust the size and position of the windows. Simply drag them side by side to group their icons on the taskbar.

Windows 11 allows you to create different desktops; One for hiring and one for customization, for example.

We also note the chat integration in the messenger that was launched in Windows 11 a few months ago. The latter is actually a lighter version of the team and allows you to easily reply to messages and start a new conversation with a live contact. chat icon.

Improve independence and efficiency

Whoever says new update, necessarily says software development. With this new operating system, users can expect better performance as they better manage memory and processor resources and prioritize front-end applications.

This divides the autonomy of laptops because better resource management will save the computer battery.

Try XCloud in Windows 11 Center

Microsoft wants to emphasize game viewing, so the Xbox app automatically installs cross-games and shared storage on Windows 11 PCs.

Auto HDR support, enables automatic HDR playback on compatible screens, live storage significantly reduces loading time and plays games faster.

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Most of the new features Windows 11 introduces have the same goal: to make Windows an easy-to-browse ecosystem. Panos Bani, responsible for Windows, said it should be a kind of “home” for OS users, where “life” is a good thing.

Therefore, at first glance, the changes are not revolutionary from Windows 10. The idea is not to disrupt the habits of millions of Windows users.

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