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The brand continues its victory march after a violent duel with young Van Impel |  Women's Super Prestige 2021

The brand continues its victory march after a violent duel with young Van Impel | Women’s Super Prestige 2021

A day after Dendermonde, Lucinda Brand was victorious again, this time at Heusden-Zolder. The world champion was almost a complete cross on the road with compatriot Wim van Impel, but was unable to use her fast legs in the final race.

On the fast and dry track at Zolder, Lucinda Brand didn’t allow herself to stray off the front row, but it needed more than two laps to reward her patience.

The tempo acceleration was answered only by Wim van Impel. Denis’ teammate Betsima initially had to be careful, but the return of Betsima and his teammates was too much.

Young and bright Van Impel stood on her seat at the world champion’s wheel and showed not a single drop of decay.

In the last round, Brand pressed down on her surprise opponent and at the last hurdle the fast daring guy made a mistake.

She went too far into a corner and lost the rear wheel to Brand, who flew towards her twelfth win of the season.

It also enhances its lead in ranking over its competitors. Sunny Kant, still hoping for 7 yesterday, did not appear in the piece.

Watch the exciting final race between Brand and Van Empel

Brand: “This has powers of cost”

Lucinda Brand, 32, had to wipe her toes to win again. “He was a sprint sprinter in the lap,” she panted.

“Wim is very fast I know. Maybe the experience takes her away from the youth, but she shouldn’t learn much. This has a strong cost.”

19-year-old Wim van Impel also performed this scene. “I wanted revenge on Dendermonde, as I lost my rhythm after a mistake.”

“I had a good plan today. I had to stick with it and it worked out really well, although I was hoping for a sprint. But I made a mistake on the last touchdown and was a few meters behind.”

Wim van Impel threw herself into the fight

  1. 14 hours 29. Burned, but she had to fight for it. Lucinda Brand wins for the third year in a row at Zolder. The final hurdle was winning and losing: Van Empel went too far, and Brand saw him in the rearview mirror. The small gap was too big for her. .
  2. Fire wins. 14 hours 29.
  3. 14 hours 28. After the dive, Van Empel is very far away. This will not give the brand anymore! .
  4. 2 p.m. 28. Gradually the brand will become nervous. She squeezes and tickles, but Van Impel shows her teeth. & nbsp; .
  5. 2 pm 27. The brand does not trust the business and takes more and more risks again. Van Empel does not flinch. & nbsp; .
  6. 14 hours 26. 45 minutes. We sail for 45 minutes and gradually start the long sprint. Van Empel sticks with the brand’s rear wheel. & nbsp; .
  7. 2 p.m. 25. The world champion suffers, but you can’t see an iota of decay on Van Empel’s face. & nbsp; .
  8. 14 hours 24. Are you going to hit a sprint? The brand doesn’t seem reassured about that either and is trying to hurt Van Empel even more. & nbsp; .
  9. 14 hours 23. Brand and Van Impel ride side by side. “She’s very fast,” said her entourage. “If she doesn’t break Vim, I’m sure she will win.” .
  10. 14 hours 22. Good news for Bitsima: the fall of Fez, the worst joins Hungarian. In this way, the Dutch again gain some positions. & nbsp; .
  11. 2 pm. 21. It threatens to be a bad day for Betsima. Fez, Wurst, and Van Enroj sneak away. That’s not really good for her rating, but it plays into Van Empel’s hands. Is being a killer on the brand trail? & nbsp; .
  12. 2 p.m. at 8 p.m. The end of the fifth round. It’s time for the final round. Van Empel plays along with the game. The brand again requested a takeover, so the speed was completely gone. The bounty on the chasers seems convenient. & nbsp; .
  13. 2 noon 20. Backlogs in were: 1’40”.
  14. 2 p.m. 19. We approach the end zone and the throttle brand opens again. Does Van Empel succumb to pressure or not? & nbsp; .
  15. 2 p.m., 5 p.m. Fez, Wurst, Betsima, Van der Heyden, Van Anroy: This is the chase package at about 15 seconds. & nbsp; .
  16. It just won’t work with Alvarado. give up. 14 hours 15.
  17. 2 p.m. 15. Van Empel has a solid set of legs, but also races intelligently. She is not inclined to make rash efforts in Brand skirmishes. & nbsp; .
  18. 2 pm 14. You wouldn’t normally do that at Zolder in these circumstances. The brand should do it after her slippers. She rejoins Van Empel. & nbsp; .
  19. 2 pm 13. End of the fourth round. Two more rounds: Brand and Van Impel meet again. Betsema more or less stopped the chase: with Vas, Worst and Van der Heijden losing more and more ground, about 20 seconds. .
  20. 2 p.m. 12. Tumble of Fire. In the technical realm, Brand sees Van Empel as a bit behind. It takes a lot of risks and pays for it with the slider. .
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