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'Van der Poel's wound hasn't closed yet, it should worry him' |  cyclocross

‘Van der Poel’s wound hasn’t closed yet, it should worry him’ | cyclocross

Michelle Yates and Paul Higgers sat in the front row yesterday to comment on the return of Matthew van der Poel. “I’m glad Van der Poel has really come this far. But there’s one news that the wound on his knee hasn’t closed yet,” it sounds worrying.

Matteo van der Poel’s comeback dominated Blueterkroese yesterday in Dendermond.

“I think half of Flanders was in front of the tube yesterday with the question: ‘Where is Van der Paul really?’ ‘ Michelle Waites opens.

“Did you take into account that he was going to win? Yes, he did. Because I had that list in front of my eyes which shows that Van der Poel won his first cross in any season, except in 2015. Why didn’t he win yesterday? “

“Of course there were concerns about his knee and back, so there was some skepticism. At the end of the story you can say Van der Poel ended up where you could have expected (in second place).”

You always fall for what you shouldn’t. In the case of Van der Poel, this is his left knee.

Paul Hriggers

Van der Poel camp remains unsure about the patchy left knee. The Dutchman sustained a serious injury from a stumble during training more than 4 weeks ago.

Wyatts knows that “the wound on his knee has not yet completely closed.”

Hiergers: “Everyone should be concerned about that, first and foremost Matthew himself. Driving an accidental one without hitting the ground once is almost impossible for anyone.”

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“Yesterday Van der Poel managed to stay erect, but can he do that with every cross?”

“You’ll see: You always fall on what you shouldn’t fall on. In the case of Van der Poel, it will be on his left knee, which is where that patch is placed.”

Matthew van der Poel has plaster on his left knee.

Wuyts: ‘There is still room for improvement at Van Aert’

How do Michael Yates and Paul Hriggers rate winner Van Aert’s performance at Dendermond?

Van Aert wasn’t as good yesterday as he was on Boom (3 weeks ago, editor).

“I saw yesterday He still needed a touring period in those first laps. It was tough and it was a day’s work for Van Aert. That’s normal, because he’s back from an internship.”

“Maybe he’ll also break you with Wout’s gorgeous legs. Van der Poel and Van Aert are going to meet each other soon anyway, and that’s usually going to be today at Zolder.”

Water Van Air runs its own turbo.

Deploying a fighter jet to bring Van Aert to the World Cup?

The main question when it comes to Van Aert: Should he travel to the World Cup? “In the national interest, yes,” says Waits.

“But if Van Aert goes to the United States, she’ll be the world champion. That’s a lot of pressure.”

“Plus, he’s not allowed to mortgage his own road season. And that can happen, because by traveling to the United States, Van Art has lost two weeks of preparation.”

“That could play tricks on him at the end of his spring campaign. On the Tour of Flanders, for example, he can’t join Oude Kwaremont or in Paris-Roubaix he has to watch out for Carrefour de l’Arbre.”

“If it depends on Van Aert, the answer is: ‘Yes, I’m going to be the world champion in the States. “But of course there are other people who have their say, like his coach and Jumbo-Visma.

If van Aert travels to the World Cup, it could affect him on the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix.

Michelle Waits

Heijergers: “It’s a tough decision for Van Aert to make himself. He knows the value of the Tour and the classics. Is the World Cup in the USA worth it?”

“If we talk about the World Cup, it’s only a 9,000 kilometer journey. But I know what it takes to get there. Not a single fighter plane will want to fly Van Aert to the US in 3 hours.”

Yates: “Should the Air Force then be deployed?”

Herigers: “Then they’ll have to refuel on the way, otherwise they won’t cross the pond. At 2,400 km/h, Van Aert will soon be in the States.”

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