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The British government has announced a multi-billion dollar plan to increase foreign exports

The United Kingdom aims to increase its annual exports to 1,000 billion (200 1,200 billion) by the end of the decade. Is in it Announced by the British Government.

The UK government has announced plans to increase the UK’s annual exports to 1 trillion by the end of this decade. Made in the UK and sold to the world. Through this, the country wants to help companies with new opportunities in global markets.

Free trade agreements

Minister of International Trade Ann-Marie Travelian said that when he introduced the first post-Brexit government’s export strategy, very few companies were advancing abroad, especially from Scotland.

According to Trevelyan, it is “important” for companies to “complete their export potential”. The UK exported 600 600 billion last year. But only one in ten British companies do business overseas.

The Minister urged companies to take advantage of the free trade agreements made by the government with countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Exports to the European Union

As part of the business plan, government agencies such as UK Export Finance will provide new services to help UK exporters do business. There will also be a new UK trade agenda to help UK companies showcase their products at international events.

“This is a defining moment in our national trade story,” Trevlion said. “As we negotiate ambitious new trade agreements globally, it is more important than ever for businesses across the UK to take advantage of these opportunities and realize their full export potential.”

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“While there is significant potential for trade activity in other parts of the world, the government must provide a practical solution to the challenges of exporting to the EU,” he added. “Only then will UK exports realize their full potential.” (mah)