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Regency The Power of the Dog

Director: Jane Campion | Display: Jane Campion | actors: Benedict Cumberbatch (Phil Burbank), Jesse Flemens (George Burbank), Kirsten Dunst (Rose Gordon), Cody Schmidt-McPhee (Peter Gordon), Thomas McKenzie (Lola), Peter Carroll (D’Orand Gent), . ‘Old Lady’), ea | Play time: 126 minutes | Year: 2021

He calls his brother a stupid fat man. He wears his leather legs and he marches on his farm like a king. When the sweet-natured teenage boy Peter serves him at a restaurant, he humiliates the boy by poisoning him enough to kill the buffalo. Phil Burbank Alpha Male. ‘Head Honso’. He asserts himself everywhere, because this is the lesson that his mentor, Bronco Henry, taught him: to be a man. Then the foolish brother comes home with his hand with George Peter’s mother.

PianoDirector Jane Campion reads how a piano was dragged into the distance in a book of the same name by Thomas Savage and read, “This is totally my thing!” It also helps to critique bad male stereotypes. And can travel to his home country of New Zealand, the US state of Montana. Throw in a fantastic cast The power of the dog.

This is a picture that can no longer be taken without the intervention of Netflix. Previously, famous filmmakers such as the Goyan brothers, Martin Scorsese and Alfonso Cron were given the wallet to bring a unique vision and a beloved project to the silver screen. In addition, the streaming service is still looking for an Oscar for Best Picture, and it is still legal. Now, for the first time in twelve years, Campion has been offered the chance to make a film.

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In a few scenes, you can feel the hand of a filmmaker who knows what she is doing. Silent camera movement following the steps of Benedict Cumberbatch past a series of open windows, ‘makes sense!’ Could be. So every shot drops with every cutting passion. But more than that, a deep conviction reveals times when the camera hangs for too long to take in even more detail. Not every law is too much or too little, it is exactly where it should be.

Anyway Cumberbatch goes on to put down a fillet of a bruise, and the subtlety mentioned above is definitely there. The small conversations between Brother George and his bride Rose go hand in hand with tasty details and Cody Schmidt-McPhee’s very sensitive, artistic side and he looks or feels ashamed. Young Peter can wrap the most beautiful flowers out of paper, but dreams of becoming a surgeon. In other words, he has to practice.

No matter how well the rest play, most of the Oscar buzz is still around Dunstein, who, as the wife of a weak man, is somewhat weighed down by the dominance of her jealous nephew. When she buys a piano especially for George Rose, she tries her best not to sound too bad when playing for the incoming governor. She is squirming through her old set. But Bill, who has mastered the banjo, trumpets her in a musical power play. Then, when he felt like he was harassing her again, he whistled some notes of the happy song she was practicing. Dunst jumps from the screen in the power of his torture.

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The power of the dog However, the image of objects above all else, because sometimes it says a stalemate rather than a whole conversation. Finely polished Bronco Henry saddle, self-rolled cigarette, stripped cowhide and tunnel of withered branches. Those things will be more to you than the angry Phil’s screams and the quiet Peter’s intellectual gaze. The strength of the dog is more visible in the environment than in the game. There is another winner on Netflix, but an Oscar winner? Then they have to keep pace for a long time.