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The Chockler family plunged the United States into the opioid crisis (making a fortune from it)

Written by American journalist Patrick Raton Keefe Empire of Pain Relief, The terrifying story of the family that spearheaded the American opium crisis. The book will be published in the Netherlands on September 21 and Keefe will give a lecture on Gerard von Westerloo in Amsterdam on September 27. Pre-release of the preface.

The headquarters of the international law firm Deboys & Plimpton in New York are ten floors of a thin black office tower in the woods of skyscrapers in the center of Manhattan. Founded in 1931 by a few aristocratic lawyers who split from the well-established Wall Street office, Debevoise quickly gained conservatism and over 800 lawyers in a few decades, a long list of key clients and an annual revenue of nearly a billion dollars. Offices in Manhattan are no longer reminiscent of the oak and exclusive leather atmosphere of the early years; Like most commercial buildings today they are offered in a salt-free style: meeting rooms with carpets in the hallways, glass walls and desks. In the twentieth century, power manifested itself; In the present century, you are precisely recognizing power by the effort people take to cover it up.

Veil, cold …

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